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Starr Cullars & the Enterprise

Review 02/26/99 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At The Khyber, Philly I was hanging out with Starr Cullars & The Enterprise about 90 minutes before they started their set. Starr was discussing how much she liked the hard-rock band, Betty Whitetrash, who was doing a set before her band. We checked out the group.....I thought that they were pretty good, while Starr loved them. At 12:45am, Starr Cullars began her set with a riveting performance of "Alice in My Fantasies". "Red Alert" was the next tune but "Starrgazing" was better, with more hypnotic bass riffs & edge-rock guitar licks, courtesy of Starr & Lige Curry respectively. "Seduce Me" featured a crazier, wilder Lige Curry, whose guitar riffs raised the room temperature to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. Lige played so aggressively that I thought he was trying to upstage Starr--Kidd Funkadelic, are you out there? The audience requested "Red Hot Momma" and the band started to rock out on that tune. A wonderful hard-rock tune driven by Starr's thumpin' bass, "Blastin' Off", was performed and it included chants like "All She Ever Wanted To Do Was Play Her Bass", "Make My Funk The Starr-Funk" and "Rhythm & Rock". Lige played his ass off with more hardcore slam-guitar riffs on "Kosen Rufu", but the real highlight was Shawn Hill's show-stopping drum solo--picture a drummer having a grand mal seizure!! "Sunshine" was the last tune, and it was more than electrifying with lethal GOOD-TAR antics by Lige and Starr's funkified, in-your-face bass riffs. The show ended at 1:55am. I noticed that Starr is really developing a damn good following because The Khyber was so damn packed!! GO STARR!! GO STARR!! GO STARR!! GO STARR!!

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